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Jenny's portfolio boasts diverse expertise in Editorial design, UX/UI, branding, Infographics, Typography, and Cover illustration, reflecting her versatile skills across various design realms. Her range of projects demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of design principles, positioning her as a multi-faceted and adaptable professional.


Through graphic design, this project aims to help new moms better understand postpartum depression, encourage their partners’ support, and ultimately contributing to make a positive difference in the mental health and well-being of mothers experiencing postpartum depression.



This project is to create a foodie website that serve as a destination for recipes when you need to find out what to eat. It includes nearby popular restaurants as well as local event. The primary goal is to make the navigation as simple and easy to use through layout and UI design

Urban Foodie.jpg


Through redesigning this telemedicine app, Teladoc, this project aims at improving the functions and the interface to level up the whole user experience.



The goal of this air ticket infographics project is to transform the outdated appearance of traditional air tickets into a innovative branding experience. This redesign aims to not only enhance the overall flight experience for passengers but also provide them with fun information and helpful content to explore while on air.



Through graphic design, this project aims to deliver a whole toolkit with different types of assets for Mathworks' global recruitment campaign — You plus MathWorks.



Proposal Cover & Layout

Jenny is experienced in creating layout and cover concepts according to clients' need and adapting to the corresponding aesthetics.

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